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8° MS-Pharmaday
@ Aboca Sansepolcro [AR] - from 11 to 13 june 2104

Natural products are still today intended as source for new API (active principle ingredients) in pharmaceutical areas.
Today we can assert that these natural products are a combination of single actives surrounded by hundreds of other compounds integrated each other consequently to weak interactions. The combination of these compounds and the weak interaction will be a very interesting topic to investigate also for the implications in the functionality or on the therapeutic aspects. So natural products need to be fully described as a “single and unique complex”. This is the case of Botanical Drugs, Herbal Medicinal Products, Medical Device, Medical Food.

But characterization of natural substance as a “complex substance” today still remain a challenge not yet resolved.
Mass spectrometry plays a key role in all these aspects. In fact, the impressive technological and methodological improvements of mass spectrometry and its coupling with molecular separation processes yield highly sensitive, specific, fast, robust and validated methods that are fundamental tools in the pharma sciences and technology.

The 8th MS-PharmaDay conference represents an excellent occasion for presenting the state-of-the-art of mass spectrometry in the pharma areas, along with the latest innovations in instrumentation and applications. This will also create the optimum opportunity to meet the needs and offerings of academic institutions, pharma and instrumentation companies.
The conference will include plenary lectures, oral and poster communications.

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